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3 Ways to Be a Pornstar - wikiHow

To be a pornstar, start by taking some photos of your body that show off your best features so you can send them to producers. You’ll need a full-body, scantily-clothed shot, a full-body nude shot, and a headshot.

How to Become a Male Porn Star, According to Actual Porn Stars

When it comes to straight porn, directors only want a few simple things from male performers: “They want to know that you can get hard, last the time required, give them the performance that ...

How to Become a Male Porn Star | Men's Health

Three porn insiders to tell us what it takes to become a male star in the adult industry. Turns out, a big penis is just the start.

BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Porn Star, Music ...

Being a porn star requires being a porn actor, so you can’t immediately apply for that position. You can use the other positions as stepping stones to be a porn director. If one of these options doesn’t appear, you can go for any job that is related to porn like porn set janitor or pornography historian.

3 Ways to Meet a Porn Star in Your Area - wikiHow

That said, the easiest way to meet a traditional porn star is by attending an adult entertainment convention, and taking sensible precautions can make meeting an online star more pleasant. And, if you do get the chance to meet up or go on a date, treat them like a normal person, not some sort of sex object.